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Drain Services

At Allen's Plumbing we offer a variety of services that are drain specific which include the following:
Underground Utilities
We are prepared, at a moment's notice, to take care of the most difficult repairs from main water lines broken deep in the ground to collapsed sewer lines. We carry the most extensive product line in the area for underground utilities, with fittings and various types of pipe in sizes up to 12". Because we own all of our own equipment it stands ready to go out at any time. In this way we are able to better serve you.
Jet Washing
With our state-of-the-art equipment we are able to unstop lines up to 48"; pressure washing them clean so that they can once again drain like new. From greasy kitchen drain lines to big storm drains full of debris there isn't a clogged line we can't take care of.
Plumber - Water Heater Repair in St. Petersburg, FL
Plumber Fixing Pipeline - Water Heater Repair in St. Petersburg, FL
Leak Detection
We are able to locate elusive leaks under your slab that only show up on your water bill; or even flooding out everywhere. No matter where the leak is, we can track it down.
Slab Leak
Once your leak is located we have all the equipment ready day or night to get to that leak and make a repair to get you back to normal.
Sewer Drain Cleaning "Stoppages"
We carry three different machines on every truck to effectively take care of your clogged drain lines and stopped-up toilets.
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